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Lebron to star on Broadway in New York City?

I must say that I wasn’t like the thousands of other Cavalier fans last night who felt their stomach hit the floor when they saw Lebron shoot his second free throw left handed. I instantly chalked it up to Lebron being Lebron and him practicing for his career as an actor after his NBA days are over. I’ve always been critical of how Lebron tends to have a love for the dramatic, especially when he hits the floor. The guy is 6’8′ and 240 lbs. yet regularly has players, that aren’t 200 lbs. soaking wet, making him wince in so much pain you’d think he just took a Marvin Hagler low blow to the groin. It’s the one part of his game that can actually be criticized. Which, I might add, is really nitpicking on my part.
Maybe it’s because he’s so big that he feels the refs won’t call fouls on the other team unless he occasionally shows he can be injured. Driving the lane through an entire team can make a person seem invincible at times. In any case, it can really be annoying when Lebron seems to get poked in the eye nearly once a game. Hell, Shemp got poked in the eye less. Just ask the Magic fans from last year. James’ continuous falling down and acting like he was moments away from having to be taken off the court in an ambulance had the Magic faithful going nuts.
Now don’t get me wrong. I obviously believe James is telling the truth when he says he had an MRI the other 48166day and that his elbow has been giving him problems for the last couple weeks. I just don’t believe that it was hurting him so much last night that he had to hold it to his chest in the last 7 seconds of the game. Or shoot that free throw with his left hand.
I just hope he does more “acting” in Cleveland and doesn’t realize he could have a future on Broadway in New York City come next year. – DM