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Make Bernie Kosar the GM of the Browns

images-11I’m so tired of Randy Lerner messing everything up when it comes to the Browns. I guess when you’re a billionaire because of Daddy, you can afford to try the flavor of the month for a bit, spit it out and then try another. It’s time to get a guy back in Cleveland that bleeds brown and orange. A guy that will always have the team and fan’s best interest at heart and truly understands the heritage and pride of being a Cleveland Brown. That man is Bernie Kosar. Kosar has tried to get his foot in the door ever since Al Lerner brought the team back to Cleveland and has been kept on the outside the entire time. He finally has been invited in by Randy as some sort of advisor to the team but that’s not enought. Kosar’s time has come. Now for those who will say he has no experience- I say either did Ozzie Newsome and it’s looking pretty good in Baltimore. Either did Danny Ferry and I think he’s doing a hell of a job for the Cavs. Kosar isn’t an idiot. He understands that the team needs to be built through the draft and knows that he wouldn’t be a Phil Savage type GM. Savage tried to be GM while still keeping his nose firmly in the scouting department. It failed. The team wasn’t run correctly and Savage was shown the door. Kosar is the perfect fit and the city would do cartwheels seeing Bernie back in Berea. Offer him the job at the end of the season and let him begin to right this ship that has totally run aground.