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Manning has few equals

peyton-manningCan the Saints really slow down Peyton Manning? I’ll say “slow down” because there is no way that they can stop him. Few teams ever have. Manning seems to be playing at a level right now that only a select number of QB’s have ever reached and now is rightfully mentioned in the same sentence as Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas and yes, Joe Montana. Three quarterbacks who defined their era and showcased the artistry of what being a quarterback is truly all about. Manning is doing the same at this stage of his career and every football fan should take notice and just sit back and enjoy watching the guy. It’s always hard to compare players. Debates like Jim Brown vs. Walter Payton or Barry Sanders vs. Gale Sayers are ones that will always be brought up at local bars and pubs. It’s part of what watching sports is all about. The comparison of talent and ability. However, one thing is for certain. When it comes to pure quarterbacking skill, few QB’s will be compared to Peyton Manning when it’s all said and done. Especially if he wins on Sunday. -DM