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Mike Brown to be Fired?

The Cavs are on a long summer vacation but that doesn’t stop the rumors from following them around.  The latest is that coach Mike Brown is on the firing block.  Like a cigarette thrown on dry brush, this rumor soon spread as fast as the internet would let it.  Soon it jumped offline and made it’s way to the television and then images3untimetely  back to the Cavaliers.  At that point water was finally thrown on the rumor and the Cavs have been denying it ever since.  This kind of stuff is what the Cavaliers are in for.  Since Lebron James is such a desired commodity after next season and THE story during this offseason, the Cavs can expect this degree of attention-good or bad  and true or false.  

Mike Brown was no doubt out coached by Ron Jeremy, but to think he’d be fired after a Coach of the Year performance is ridiculous at best.  Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, has praised Brown more than any other member of the Cavs, except Lebron of course, and has made it very clear how “lucky” the Cavs are to have him.  Do I think comments like that are never taken back?  Of course not.  However, the Cavs better just keep plenty of buckets of water around because the internet brush fires are a comin’.