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Top 10 Fantasy Football Picks for 2013

My early top 10 fantasy picks for 2013 –  (note:  RB heavy leagues) 8/1/13

1. Adrian Peterson:  The guy almost broke Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record AFTER having knee surgery the year before.  Enough said.


Is he worth the risk?
Is he worth the risk?

2. Arian Foster:  (I’m putting him here on the reports he’ll be off the PUP list in the next few days and 100%.)   Foster is at #2 because of the offense he plays on and the scoring opportunities he’ll have throughout the season.  His fragile past is the biggest concern but, like all the guys after Peterson, there are issues with each one.  Foster still racked up a league best 315 carries last year and is a pure stud when fully healthy.

3. Doug Martin:  Sophomore slump?  Perhaps.  However, the upside of this guy is huge and the Bucs love to run the ball inside the 10.  2,000 all purpose yards seems to be on the horizon with 10+ Tds.

4. Jamaal Charles:  Alex Smith just may be the key to the success of the Chiefs running attack.  That in itself is a scary thought but defenses may not be able to stack the box any longer. Fantasy owners are drooling over the thought of Charles hitting the second level without safety help to stop him.  He’s the biggest home run threat in the entire NFL and you have to believe Andy Reid will know how to get him the ball in space.

5.   Marshawn Lynch:  Another 300 touch season seems like a lock especially with the absence of Harvin for a large portion of the season.  The Seahawks offense is predicated on the success of running the ball and that starts and ends with Lynch.  Durability is the only concern.

Fantasy gold?
Fantasy gold?

6. Trent Richardson:  Norv Turner is the offense coordinator and he loves powerful backs that can do it all.  Richardson put up impressive numbers last year after coming off ankle surgery and having broken ribs during the season.  He said he’s in the best shape of his life and has one of the best offensive lines in front of him.  2,000 all purpose yards and 10+ Td’s seems like a lock.   The fact he’s on the Browns will scare off many owners but you could have the last laugh while holding your league’s championship trophy at the end.

7. Steven Jackson:  He may be older but he’s still a physical freak that now is on one of the most explosive offenses in the league.  How do you stop him inside the 10 when you have to be worried about Roddy White and Julio Jones on the outside and Tony G over the middle?  Imagine the yards he can put up without safeties crowding the box daring the QB to beat them.  Frightening!  A lot of weapons to use but Jackson will be an animal inside the redzone.

8. Ray Rice:   Yes the Ravens have Bernard Pierce to take carries away from Rice but Harbaugh will still turn to his main back inside the red zone.  Think consistency with this pick and Rice will give you just that.

9. Alfred Morris:  Morris exploded on the scene last season and was a total workhorse for the Skins putting up 1,613 yards and 13 Tds! .  Cross your fingers and hope Shanahan’s runningback carousel has finally come to an end.

10. LeSean McCoy:  Chip Kelly’s high octane offense is the biggest wildcard this season in fantasy circles.  McCoy could be a top 3 running back this season if he stays healthy.   The fact is, Kelly loves to run the ball and McCoy is a home run threat and the Eagles most dangerous weapon.(sorry Vick fans)  The combination could be fantasy gold.

Just outside top 10: CJ Spiller, Calvin Johnson, Matt Forte


Will you be holding your league's trophy at the end?
Will you be holding your league’s trophy at the end?