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NASCAR is finished!!!

The FANTASY NASCAR TROPHY is finished!!  I’ve decided to give you NASCAR fans a first glimpse at what you have been asking for–a fantasy NASCAR trophy like no other.  Here it is.  Please be patient.  The photos have been sent to the web designer and will soon be up on the site.  However, you can contact us if you want to place an early order.  What do you think?–DM


3 thoughts on “NASCAR is finished!!!

  1. Very cool looking…

  2. Nice work. I like the couch seatbelt.

  3. Although I am not good enough for the wall of fame, I guess that I am good enough to post about the NASCAR trophy. That is freaking Dale Sr. to a T! I am guessing that that is a used car tire for the ottoman too. Does it say Goodyear on it? This guy looks like he is loving the race. He’s got his beers, his helmet, and just in case of a wreck, his harness. He even has his headphones on to listen to his favorite driver over the radio. This just nails the stereotypical NASCAR fan. If anyone has been to a race, you can see that this guy is smaller that the average race fan. That includes the women!

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