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NBA Free Agency and Lebron

The free agency period in the NBA has started and players are starting to move.   It’s that time of year when all good players refuse to go to a horrible team and the rich get richer.  After all, why go to the Timberwolves when the Lakers are calling?  As a Cavs fan I’ve seen my fair share of players refuse to go to Cleveland even though more money was on the table.  The Cavs were just not that good and were closer to a punch line in a joke than to an NBA title.  However, things can change in a hurry when you have a star on your team.  Lebron James is the main reason why players at the end of their career and even in their prime may choose Cleveland.  He’s a rare player that can open up the floor for other players to flourish and when need be take over a game by himself.  Only 2 or 3 exist in the league.  However, he’s also the reason why those same players may avoid Cleveland.   Lebron may be gone after next season.  For this reason free agents may be reluctant to choose Cleveland when another team is offering multiple years and a chance to win for years to come.  If Lebron leaves Cleveland the thought of a championship goes with him.  A newly acquired free agent would feel like Tom Hanks in ” Cast Away”  and would be hoping for Wilson to keep him company.   I don’t expect Lebron to commit to a contract any time soon and I don’t see a major free agent signing any long term deal with the Cavs.  It’s a one year deal and a shot at glory that will draw them Cleveland’s way.