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Johnny Manziel Worst Pick by Browns Since Coming Back to Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns have had so many bad draft choices that it’s hard to come up with a list of the worst. However, figuring out who would be at the top of that list is easy. Johnny Manziel. The former Heisman Trophy winner was a first round draft choice who was supposed to turn around the fortunes of the franchise. Instead, two years later he’s seen here in this photo sitting at a bar in Columbus, Ohio before a Justin Bieber concert. It doesn’t get much worst than that.

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No Pressure, No Diamonds – RG3

As Robert Griffin III exited his press conference for the Cleveland Browns yesterday he answered the final question by saying, “no pressure, no diamonds.”  It was in response to being asked if he feels any pressure in Cleveland after all of the failed attempts at finding a franchise quarterback.  Saying the fans of Cleveland are desperate for a QB to lead them is about the biggest understatement in all of sports.  I feel I can speak for Cleveland Browns fans everywhere when I say that I’d be happy with a QB that just looks adequate and can win games when it matters most.  A franchise guy would be great but just give us hope.  Not since Bernie Kosar have the Browns had a QB that the city truly rallied around and felt that he could be a guy that could take us into the playoffs.  Tim C0uch had the city behind him but unfortunately he didn’t have a line in front of him.  Injuries ended his career before it ever really began.

So here we are with RG3.  Former GM Mike Holmgren tried everything he could to lure the pick away from St. Louis in order to take Griffin.  After he won Rookie of the Year it’s hard to believe that RG3 is now on the team that wanted him so badly only 3 years ago.  The question is will he be a diamond or another piece of coal.

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March Madness Trophy Best There Is

The ultimate March Madness trophy
The ultimate March Madness trophy

March Madness is about to begin and many of you are looking for a  trophy to represent your bracket challenge.  Well look no further.  The Armchair Big Man trophy is the ultimate prize when your name is the final one standing after a long, grueling battle to the end.  And the best part ia no one needs to know that you didn’t have a clue what you were doing when filling out your bracket.  All that matters is your name ended up on the trophy at the end and you’ll be remembered forever as a CHAMPION.  So if you’re ready to step it up a notch and play for a trophy that truly represents what March Madness is all about then the Armchair Big Man trophy is for you.

Good luck this March.

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NFL Draft Means Browns Finally Get QB

The NFL Draft is only a month away and that means the Browns are once again thinking QB.  It seems to be a yearly event if you’re a Browns fan.  Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and Johnny Manziel are the most recognizable names in a long line of failed quarterbacks that have suited it up on the north coast.  With Johnny Manziel completely imploding over the last few months, it’s time the Browns cut ties and look to draft their QB of the future.  Is it Carson Wentz or Jared Goff?  I gotta admit, I haven’t seen either one of them play in an actual game.  However, the size and mobility of Wentz should definitely be a key factor in the decision.  I think I speak for Browns fans everywhere when I say that I’m tired of watching small and/or slow quarterbacks try and compensate for their deficiencies.  Johnny Manziel should be the poster boy for why you don’t take a QB that is shorter than 6 foot.  Note to all GMs:  Stop thinking you’ll find the next Drew Brees.   It’s time the Browns draft a viable option at QB (that doesn’t have a drinking problem) and put all of their resources into developing him into the best quarterback possible.  Trusting Hue Jackson in this endeavor is the first step.  Trusting the quarterback, whomever it may be, is the next.  I know I’m fully on board!  Go Browns.!

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My New “Tool” For The Shop

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.01.24 AMThe saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” definitely rings true here at  The other day I was on my way to the shop when I spotted a 50″ Samsung television outside of the coffee shop I go to each morning.  I’ve been thinking about how incredible it would be to watch football games on an HDTV while working on Sundays and came close to buying a 32″ television at Best Buy.  So when I saw the 50″ it no doubt caught my eye.  Of course though you figure there is no way it works if it’s sitting on the curb.  Just then two girls walked out of their place and said, “it’s still here.”   The other responded, ” I bet people think it doesn’t work at all.”   That’s all I needed to hear.   It was soon at my shop where I plugged it in and tested it out.   It works perfectly except for a small thin black line that runs across the screen horizontally.  It’s so thin though that you barely see it.   If only my Browns could go from trash to treasure my Sundays would be as awesome as this flat screen.

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It’s Time The Cleveland Browns Move On From Johnny Manziel

Well, it didn’t take long for Johnny Manziel to screw up and find himself as the backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns yet again.  This time though he’s been demoted all the way to third string.  Quite a week for a guy that was told he would be the starter for the last six games of the regular season.   As a Browns fan I was actually looking forward to seeing what Manziel could do.  Could he lead a team and show promise or would he be just another name on the always growing list of disappointing Browns quarterbacks.  The latter seems to be the one to bet on at this time.  Manziel was caught on video over last weekend drinking and singing at a rooftop bar.  Not a big deal.  After all, he’s over age and the Browns were on their bye week.  However, when you tell the coach that you’re going to hit the books and be professional and then do the complete opposite, it’s not a good look.  The kicker though is when you lie to the organization and say the video was old.  Really?   This is the guy the Browns are considering handing over the offense  to?   The guy can’t even make the right decision off the field leading up to the biggest professional game of his short career.   I say move on from Manziel and be done with his drinking, partying, and lying ways.  Let him be a problem for another organization.   The Browns need to focus on so much more and the last thing they should be dealing with is a guy who can’t be taken at his word who has a drinking problem.   Just my frustrated two cents worth.

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Is Johnny Manziel the Future for the Browns? I Doubt It

Johnny Manziel has the last 6 games of this season to prove to the Browns organization and to it’s fan base that he can lead this team to the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl.  Stop laughing.  I know, I know, the idea of Manziel being able to do just that makes even a die-hard fan like myself question my sanity.  Sure, Manziel has shown a few glimpses of his former Heisman winning Texas A&M self on a hand full of plays.  But didn’t Brandon Weeden impress us with his cannon-like arm when he was the starting QB?  I remember Brady Quinn looking like he had potential and Derek Anderson playing in the Pro Bowl.  The bottom line is that Johnny Manziel has to not only impress Browns fans in these final games, he needs to absolutely blow us away.  If he doesn’t I have a strong feeling that number one pick we’re staring at is going to have QB written all over it.  Once again!

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Holy Install Batman

One of the many reasons I love living in NYC is that I sometimes get to work on jobs that are memorable to say the least.  Case and point- helping to install the Bat Mobile.   Yesterday I was at the New York Historical Society  to install a platform I helped build that will showcase the Bat Mobile from the 1970’s TV show.  I remember watching Batman and Robin drive through the streets of Gotham as they foiled every evil plot the Joker could conceive.  To be standing next to the car over 40 years later was pretty surreal.  AND AWESOME!

If you’re interested in seeing the car it is part of the “Superheroes In Gotham” exhibit beginning October 9th.  Check it out!







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Handing Over Your Fantasy Football Trophy Sucks

No one likes handing over your league’s fantasy football trophy.  Especially when it’s a Throwback or an Armchair Quarterback trophy.  It’s one of those things in fantasy football that just flat out sucks.  Kinda right up there with listening to your buddy explain why he took his kicker in the 9th round.  It’s never a good thing.  This photo captures that moment perfectly.

Handing over the your league's fantasy football trophy is never easy
Handing over the your league’s fantasy football trophy is never easy