Posted on is changing the game

p1_biggerI’ve recently become a fan of the new website and I thought I’d pass the info on to the fans of I just hope the jackasses in my leagues don’t read this post because I don’t want them to have the same competitive edge I’ll gain by accessing the info provides. No joke.
Let’s put it this way- you’ll no longer have to search 20 different websites trying to find research on that new starting TE for the Bengals or the new leadoff hitter just brought up from the minors. All of the info will be on Not only that, but you’ll be able see what players are still available to be picked up in your league or the players that are on your opponents team. The time spent jumping from one site to another looking for information has now been eliminated. This site brings together news and stats from Rotowire, Twitter, Fantasy Sharks and Fantasy SP and bloggers from all around the country. It’s amazing this site hasn’t been around sooner. Believe me, you’ll want to check it out. Just not if you’re in one of my leagues.-DM
Check out the cool tutorial and thank me later. This site is pretty sweet.