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Please Believe Him Lebron

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers,  proclaimed from the mountain top yesterday that he is going to bring a championship to Cleveland.   Oh how many times have I heard that one?  Let’s just say  Cleveland has seen its fair share of prognosticators.  Each one falling at least one critical game short of achieving their bold prediction.  Gilbert, of course, has a slight edge over the rest.  He has Lebron.  Well Dan, you really don’t need to convince the fans.  You need to convince Lebron.  Cleveland has some of the most loyal fans of any city and they’ll keep showing up as long as 23 is punching in at the Q.  However, the feeling around Cleveland is that Lebron won’t be showing up after next season if he doesn’t believe his owner.  This off-season is huge for the Cavs organization and especially Gilbert.  He needs to demonstrate to Lebron that he’s cut from a similar cloth as George Steinbrenner.  An owner who will spend what it takes and do whatever is needed in order to deliver a championship caliber product.  The Cavaliers ended up with the best record in the NBA this year, but that isn’t what is going to keep Lebron around town.  Delivering players who can help Lebron achieve his goal of a championship will.  That should be your first goal.  The rest will hopefully follow.