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Sam Bradford Needs to Grow a Set

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.35.29 PMLast season I continually started Sam Bradford as my QB on my fantasy football team and each week he proved that I was an idiot for instilling my faith in him. That’s fantasy football though. Sometimes you get blindsided by the promise of the offense and fail to see the ineptitude of not only the player but the entire team. So when the Philadelphia Eagles decided to sign Bradford in the offseason to a two year deal worth a guaranteed $22 million, many like myself thought they were insane. He proved for the entire 2015 season that he’s an average starting QB at best.
The Eagles eventually came to their senses after he signed that contract and they went ahead and traded multiple picks to the Cleveland Browns so that they could move up in the Draft and take North Dakota quarterback Carson Wentz. Now Bradford is complaining and expressing his displeasure with the situation. Unreal. Here’s an idea Sam- Play better! When the Green Bay Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre never said a word. He was confident in his talent and kept Rodgers on the bench until Green Bay was forced to decide on the young gun slinger vs. the aging veteran. Bradford on the other hand complains because he knows the organization mortgaged the future for a strong armed, no nonsense rookie that will be looking to take his job from day one. Sam Bradford needs to grow a set and show up with the mentality that he’s going to keep Wentz on the bench for as long as he can. You signed the contract Sam. Now live up to it.