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Shaq a Cavalier

Wow.  It has taken a few days for it to finally sink in, but I’m now pretty sure that Shaq as a Cavalier was not some sick joke.  The Big Diesel is actually going to Cleveland.  Now I realize that he’s past hisimages prime and the days where he’ll go coast to coast are long gone. However,  he can still dominate the paint and he’s one of the only guys that Dwight Howard can’t push around.  With that said, Shaq still needs to play with a hunger in his heart as large as the hunger that was in his belly a few years ago.  The Shaq that played on the Suns last year is the same guy that needs to show up in Cleveland.  It’s no secret that the Cavs are out to win it all and just need a few more pieces to add to that illusive championship puzzle.  Hopefully Shaq is that one piece that finishes that puzzle after you’ve had it sitting on your dining room table for about 3 years- looking so close, but feeling so far from completion.  -DM