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Fred Smoot Crowned Fantasy Football Champion in Chris Cooley’s League

Fred Smoot (DB) of the Washington Redskins pulled off the upset and beat his commissioner, Chris Cooley, to win the first annual  Washington Redskin’s Fantasy Football League.  As a result, Smoot will take home the coveted “Throwback” trophy and will have bragging rights for the year.   Apparently Cooley was so confident he would beat Smoot’s “DC Lumber” team that he filled out Smoot’s lineup for him prior to their matchup.   “Cooley’s Zornado” lost by 3 points and like so many other fantasy owners will have to wait until next year wondering what could’ve been.

I’d like to thank Chris Cooley and the rest of the Redskins once again for playing for one of our “Throwback” trophies.  To see Fred Smoot hoist the trophy over his head was exactly the reaction we’ve come to expect and I must say- never gets old.  -DM

Check out the video for yourselves-