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Stop comparing these Celtics to the greats of the past

images-13 I grew up watching basketball when it was at it’s pinnacle, as far as I’m concerned, during the 1980’s. Magic was the most dynamic player in the league and was the orchestrator of “show time” in LA. Dr. J was winding down his career but still a highlight waiting to happen every night. And the Celtics where the most fundamentally sound team in the league with Parrish, McAle, D.J., Ainge and of course, Larry Bird. It was a great time to be a basketball fan and looking back I now realize I was fortunate to witness all of those great players. Players that for the most part are now in the Hall of Fame.
It brings me to my point. Let’s stop with instantly comparing the players of today to those great players of the past. Just try to enjoy these players for what they’re accomplishing and leave it at that. Why do we have such an urge to instantly compare players and eras? The Celtics are once again in the NBA Finals and I’ve already heard people talking about them in the same breath as the Celtics of the 80’s. Either it’s being done by people under the age of 30 or by others who are suffering from lapses in memory. Bird and the Celtics were a toss up year after year with the Lakers to win the championship. They were as close to the modern day dynasty as a team could get. Todays Celtics need a few more years and championships to deserve such a comparison. Anyway, can’t we at least wait until AFTER the NBA Finals?