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Fantasy Football Trophy…Why Buy?

Buying a fantasy football trophyI was talking with a guy the other night at a bar and after hearing what I do he soon asked, “why would I buy a fantasy football trophy?” His argument was that the $1000 cash prize was all that his buddies needed to get them motivated to win and keep interest in their league. It didn’t take long however to get him leaning in my direction after I showed him my website and what true fantasy football trophies look like. Like they say, an image speaks a thousand words. It also helped that he won his league this past year and could definitely see the trash talking opportunities he’d have if his name was forever a part of his league’s history. Saying that you won your league vs. having the visible hardware just doesn’t compare. It also helps that my fantasy football trophies are truly hand-made and not just converted pee-wee football trophies.
Long story short, this guy was soon asking his buddies which trophy they liked better- the Armchair Quarterback or the Throwback. Lesson learned–I guess if I’m ever asked that question again I’ll just skip the sales pitch to myself and just pull up a photo on my phone.

It's all about who has bragging rights