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Cops of the NYPD, Fantasy Football, and a Trophy

The Armchair Cop in all it's glory.

Being invited to a fantasy football draft isn’t all that odd of an occurrence for me.  Being invited to a fantasy football draft held by cops of the NYPD, now that’s something that doesn’t happen every day.  So when I received an email from Avi, a police officer here in Brooklyn, I jumped at the chance.  After all, it was a great excuse to have a few beers  and scout how my draft might go down a few days later in Cleveland.  Plus it was awesome to hear from the guys of the league on how they liked their trophy, The Armchair Cop.  You see, Avi was the one that contacted me about designing a fantasy football trophy specifically for police officers.  He had seen the couple of trophies that I did for firefighters and he was hoping I could do the same for them.  I was all for it but only under one condition. I wanted them to help in the design.  Avi and a few of the guys came to my shop and gave their input.  From handcuffs to old school aviator glasses and a 70’s mustache, they were all included.  The shoulder holster was my idea.  The legendary character Fish from “Barney Miller” provided the inspiration.  Anyway, the trophy turned out great, if I must say so myself, and it holds a special place in the history of  Soon it’s going to be up on the site and precincts all over the country will hopefully see the “charm” in playing for a trophy designed specifically for them, by them.

Just hanging out with Brooklyn's finest.
Just hanging out with Brooklyn’s finest.
2014 Champion Eric Li
2014 Champion Eric Li
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Lisa Ann Stars in Another Fantasy

If someone would’ve told me that Lisa Ann, the #1 ranked adult film star in the world according to the NY Post,  would one day be holding one of my trophies, I definitely would’ve said to please tell me the rest of the story.  The recently retired actress and  star of such films as “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?,” “Milf Revolution,” and “My Sister’s Hot Friend” (which also stars Nicole Aniston and Jessica James by the way)  has now joined the world of fantasy football.  An avid sports fanatic is the voice of “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy” on SiriusXM.  And believe me, she knows what she’s talking about.   All the proof you really need is the fact that she won the SiriusXM Fantasy Football League last year and will now be immortalized with an engraved plate on the front of the Throwback trophy.  Congratulations Lisa Ann and good luck this season defending your title.


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The Armchair Quarterback Fireman Fantasy Football Trophy is Live!

The ultimate fantasy football trophy for  fireman is finally on the site and ready to represent your firehouse.  Yes, the Armchair Quarterback Fireman is now LIVE on  What’s unique about this trophy is that you can add a customized helmet by clicking on the “plates” button on the homepage and putting your firehouse number.  I then sculpt it on the helmet before bronze finishing the trophy.  Pretty awesome!

firefighters trophy
Dan and Brian of Engine 80/Ladder 23 in the Bronx show off the first ever Armchair Fireman


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Police Fantasy Football Trophy Moves Onto Mold Making Stage

I think the time has come for the fantasy football trophy I sculpted for the police to move onto the mold making stage.  It’s always tough to put the carving tools down and say a sculpture is finished, but I feel this trophy has reached that point.   The handcuffs are completed, the nightstick is done, and his glasses and hat are about as good as they’re going to get.  Not to mention the donut is perfectly perched on the edge of the armchair and his mustache  and shoulder holster looks right out of “Barney Miller”.  For all you police officers out there, please be patient. He’ll hopefully be ready for pictures  by the end of the week and then he just needs to go up on the site.  -Dave

fantasy football trophy police
The fantasy football trophy for the police is ready for the mold making stage.
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Police Visit the Shop to See Fantasy Football Trophy

police fantasy football trophy
Me, Ali, Snaps (with photo), Mike, Joe, Joe, and Johnny (kneeling) during our “brainstorming session.”

A fantasy football trophy specifically designed  for the police is what brought 6 cops from the New York City Police Department to Fantasy Trophies yesterday.  The last time we had that many police was when a guy crashed his motorcycle up the block and then fled on foot before being pepper sprayed, tackled and restrained by what seemed like half the department right outside our doors.   That was quite a memorable day at, but I digress.  Yesterday was a bit more mellow as Ali, Mike (Snaps), Johnny, Joe, Mike, and Joe all took time on their day off to come by and see the progress I’ve made on the NEW fantasy football trophy, the Armchair Quarterback Policeman.   As you may have read in a previous post, the idea to create such a trophy grew out of an email I received from Ali a few months ago.  He was wondering if I could sculpt a trophy for his own fantasy football league that he and 11 other members of the NYPD were in.  Of course Ali is the reigning champ so he really wants the trophy ASAP.  At the time I wasn’t able to do it but, after sculpting a similar trophy for firemen, I realized that a trophy for the police had to be next on my agenda.

In email exchanges with Ali over the past couple weeks we came up with some really great ideas. His and my enthusiasm for the project led to having some of the guys from his league swing by the shop to take a sneak peak and “brainstorm” over what else could be added to the trophy.  After BS-ing a bit about how I’ve been involved in fantasy football since 1990 and how the original trophy came to be, it was time to go inside and take a look.   The guys were definitely pleased with what they saw  and my mind was put at ease when they all laughed at the sculpted donut that was resting on the arm of the recliner.  A touch they all appreciated since their league is call the “Dunkin Donuts Lounge.”  All of them also really liked the 1970’s  mustache he was sporting and aviator glasses he had on.  After discussing a few design options we all came to the same conclusion.  The new sculpture would have a gun secured in a shoulder holster that would subtly peak out above the rim of his belly.  It would also have an old school police baton that would rest  on one side of the recliner with a set of handcuffs on the other and a few randomly placed bullets and crushed cans.   I gotta say, getting feedback and input directly from cops in the NYPD regarding a fantasy football trophy I’m sculpting for them is something I NEVER thought I’d be a part of when I  sculpted my first trophy nearly 20 years ago in my parent’s garage back in Cleveland, Ohio.  The journey  and  relationship with fantasy sports I’ve had has taken me on some pretty interesting paths.  This one with the new police trophy I feel though is just beginning.  Stay tuned to the trophy’s progress.

Here is your own little sneak peak at the trophy in it’s development.  If you have any questions contact me at Dave at

police fantasy football trophy
The classic 1970’s police mustache and shades on the new fantasy football trophy for the police
The sculpted revolver that will be added to the police trophy.


police fantasy football trophy
The NYPD pay a visit to the shop to see the new fantasy football trophy for the police




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Fantasy Football Trophy Finally Travels to Hawaii

The Throwback fantasy football trophy is finally headed to Hawaii.  That means I have at least one fantasy trophy in all 50 states.   I’ve sent a few trophies to our 49th state up north, but never to the 50th and the islands in the Pacific.   I remember when I first started in my parent’s garage and began shipping them around the country, I wondered if I’d get one in every state.  Well, the answer is now yes.

Now I’m just hoping to get a photo from the league for the Wall of Fame.