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2010 Wall of Fame Photo Contest Winner Announced

2010 Wall of Fame Photo Contest Winner
I’d like to first thank all of the leagues out there that sent in photos for our second annual Wall of Fame Photo Contest. With over 25 entries it was much harder to decide on a winner than I thought it would be. That said, in the end I decided to go with the photo of Gabe Montemayor giving a stiff arm to his son Tyler, while holding the Throwback. The fact that Gabe beat Tyler in their league’s Super Bowl and then added insult to injury by going “Walter Payton” to his face was what put them over the top in my opinion.
Congratulations! Their league decided on the Ultimate Loser large base trophy as their prize.
Your league can win a trophy too! Make sure you get your photos in for this year’s contest. You can send photos in even if your league is already on the Wall of Fame. Get creative, a single photo can earn your league a FREE Ultimate Loser large base trophy or one of our mini trophies.
Just send your entries to by March 31, 2012.
Ultimate Loser recipients are also welcome. That is if he or she lets you take their photo.

Good luck!


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Fantasy baseball trophy to be mine?

Fantasy baseball season is right around the corner and will be a member in the FSTA Expert’s League. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association recently held a conference in Florida andace-sm-with-ball-copy Pat and I flew down to be involved. While there we both took part in drafting a fantasy baseball team that is actually still being drafted online. It’s a 14 team, standard 5 X 5 league that consists of 29 draft picks. I’ll go on record right now and throw out my first excuse by saying that I haven’t done a baseball draft in nearly 10 years. Pat and I had NO IDEA who to draft and even though I follow baseball closely the guys we were up against design software for fantasy baseball and fantasy sports in general. While we were busy crossing out names the old school way everyone around us had their magazines and laptops out. Magazines that they helped write I might add. I’ll be posting our team soon so check back and tell us what you think. -DM