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Browns Were Right to Trade Pick to Eagles

nfl draft 2016My buddy Jim texted me today with the news that my beloved Browns traded the second overall pick in next week’s NFL Draft to the Eagles.  He wasn’t pleased.  I, on the other hand, was thrilled once I heard the details of the deal.  The specifics include the Browns getting this year’s #8 pick along with a 3rd round and 4th round pick.  They also acquired the Eagles 1st round pick next year and a second round pick in 2018.  I’d say that’a nice haul for a team in desperate need of a ton of help.  The Browns have been in “rebuilding mode” since they returned to Cleveland in 1999 and this trade will hopefully be what propels them to actually start on the foundation of that rebuild.   I was hoping Carson Wentz was going to be the selection if the Browns stayed at #2 but with the Rams jumping ahead of them it assured that one of the two top QBs were going to be selected before them.  That put a lot of pressure on teams like the Eagles and 49ers to really consider trading with the Browns if they were in love with both QBs.  The Eagles apparently are.  This trade, like all others, will be evaluated a few years from now to see who made out.  If the Browns blow their selections like those of years past then this trade will be another crack in the never ending “rebuild.”  I for one think it’s the beginning of a concrete footer.  You gotta believe!