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Golf Trophy That You Actually Want to Have

Look up golf trophies on the web and you’re going to find exactly what you’d expect.  Gaudy, plastic, piece of junk golf trophies with tiny gold painted figures on top that are made in China.  Until now.  I was out to change that when I sculpted the Mulligan golf trophy.   The Mulligan was different than my other trophies because I wasn’t sculpting it with solely fantasy sports in mind.  Even though there are fantasy golf fans, I knew that this golf trophy needed to cross over into the world of real sports leagues and golf tournaments.  Guys would email me saying that they wanted a cool golf trophy to represent their family outing or a yearly tournament at work or with friends.  Keeping that in mind, I grabbed some clay and got to work.  With every design I first start by asking myself, “What would I want to play for?”  From there I feel it’s a lot easier to achieve something that other  sports fans would be thrilled to have.  After several weeks the Mulligan was finished and I introduced it to the public.  He’s gotten rave reviews from fans of and I can’t tell you how exciting it is when a guy says it’s the perfect trophy to represent his golf tournament, league, or even a hole in one.

See for yourself and tell me what you think.



The Mulligan golf trophy
The Mulligan golf trophy
The Mulligan golf trophy
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas- It’s the Mulligan

Father’s Day is right around the corner and people are always searching for great gift ideas for Dad.  Socks and ties just don’t cut it anymore.  If you want to give dad a gift he’ll no doubt remember, the Mulligan golf trophy is the way to go.  If dad is an avid golfer, plays in a tournament with his buddies or a skins game with friends, or has gotten a hole in one; the Mulligan is the perfect gift this year.   I mean come on, doesn’t dad deserve something more than the crappy shirt you were thinking of getting him?  And don’t even think about purchasing another  gift certificate to the restaurant he goes to all the time.   It’s time to show dad you actually put some thought into a gift for him this year for Father’s Day.  And you can even personalize his trophy  by having a plate engraved for him.  It’s a no brainer.   The only question is do you go for the large or the small version.

The perfect gift for Father's Day
The perfect gift for Father’s Day
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The Mulligan Golf Trophy is Finished

A golf trophy that has been months in the making is finally here. I’m proud to announce the Mulligan trophy is finally up on and ready for golf fans everywhere to check out. When I started in the mid 90’s I always thought about doing a golf trophy that would be similar in style to the Armchair series and the Throwback. I just wasn’t sure if I would sculpt a trophy that would be primarily fantasy golf based or something golf enthusiast everywhere could relate to. I eventually chose the latter. The Mulligan trophy, with the large base, stands 8 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ x 17 5/8″ H and is 11 pounds. Like all of my trophies, it’s made from a cast resin and given a hand painted bronze finish. All of the bases are made out of solid oak and given a hand rubbed polyurethane finish. Each large base can hold a total of 24 smaller plates along with the larger trophy title plate.  It even has a nice sized divot that can double as a holder for that miracle hole in one ball.

What do you think?


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Hole In One Trophy – The Golf Award We All Want

The perfect hole in one trophy
A hole in one trophy is something only a select few have the fortune of having up on their mantle. I’m still amazed that I fall in that category. My hole in one came about 10 years ago at my buddy Bill’s bachelor party. It was on the second hole at Orchard Hills Golf Course in Chesterland, Ohio and I remember thinking it will be a miracle if we’re in any condition to even finish the round. I pulled out a 9 iron with about 130 yards to the front edge. When I hit the ball I thought I crushed it over the green and I remember trying to track the ball in the cloudy sky. Suddenly I heard a clank sound and figured I hit the top of the pin. My buddies though instantly started saying that they didn’t see the ball and thought it went right in the hole. I immediately started running for the green. When I got there the ball was nowhere to be found and I started thinking the unthinkable. Yes, a hole in one. I just got a hole in one! I started yelling like a mental patient and took the ball out of the cup and put it in my golf bag.
Orchard Hills would later give me a lame trophy with a plate stating my miraculous achievement. I think that trophy sits buried in my parent’s basement.

When I sculpted The Mulligan Trophy I had my hole in one ball in mind. It deserved better. Finally it’s time for the ball to rest on a fitting monument to my once in a lifetime accomplishment.
Doesn’t your ball deserve the same respect?

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Golf Trophy- Getting the Word Out

The new Mulligan golf trophy has been sculpted, cast, and finished and my guy Mike is hard at work updating the website. Now the hard part begins- getting the word out. When you have a great product you soon realize that it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. I feel I have a pretty good understanding of many of the social platforms and what they can do for a small business like, but it really boils down to being disciplined and posting content about your product or service. The Mulligan now enters that realm. Reaching out to top golf blogs, celebrity golf tournaments, bars, and golf courses are all on the agenda.
If only all of that was as easy as sculpting the golf trophy itself.

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My Parents Approve of the New Golf Trophy

My parents paid a visit yesterday and got to see the new Mulligan golf trophy. It was in their Cleveland garage back in 1993 or so that FantasyTrophies was born. I first started sculpting the Armchair Quarterback there while going to art school and then moved on to doing the Armchair Ace and Armchair Big Man. I bet they never dreamed that I would’ve been able to turn that first trophy into a business that I now run out of Brooklyn, NY.
Both gave their approval of The Mulligan.

My parents with The Mulligan golf trophy

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Ultimate Golf Trophy Moves Onto The Mold Making Stage

The Mulligan golf trophy gets its first coat of rubber

The golf trophy I’ve been sculpting for the past few months, the Mulligan Trophy, has finally moved onto the mold making stage. I gotta say, I’m extremely excited for this trophy to get up on the site ( so that golf fanatics everywhere can have an opportunity to play for the most unique golf trophy on the market today. Hopefully I’ll have my first cast by this friday and I can then send photos off to my web guy. I’m pushing to have it up on the site within 3 weeks. Thanks for your patience. – Dave

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Golf Trophy is Finally Being Sculpted

A golf trophy for the hacker in all of us

Over the years I’ve had numerous people ask me if I was ever going to sculpt a golf trophy. Not a trophy that would be specifically designed for fantasy golf, but rather a trophy that could represent their office league or be given as a gift to a lifelong golf fanatic. A trophy that would truly embody the physical demands riding around in a golf cart while drinking a six pack can put on the body. Well, that time has come. Yesterday I started sculpting a golf trophy that all hackers can be proud of.
As you can see, he’ll still have that same “athletic build” you’ve come to expect from all of my trophies. The only difference is he won’t have his classic man slippers on his feet.

Keep checking in- I hope to have it completed in a few weeks.