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The NBA Playoff match-ups are set and my Cleveland Cavaliers limp in to the first round as a 2 seed going up against the Indiana Pacers.  It’s now time to see if health is ultimately more important than firing on all cylinders.  Tyronn Lue has continually said that he feels good about his team entering the playoffs because they are all finally healthy.  We shall see.  Since the All-Star break the Cavs have been the most unpredictable team in the league.  One game they look like the reigning NBA Champs and the following 3 games it seems like they couldn’t beat the team they put on the floor prior to Lebron’s return.  It’s been frustrating to say the least.  Defensively the Cavaliers look disinterested and completely out of sorts.  The only thing that is consistent is the look on all of their faces as each night the opposing point guard break down their perimeter D and drives all the way to the bucket.  The Cavs faithful will say it’s because Tristan Thompson has been out of the line-up and they have no rim protection.  I’m not buying it.  Defense starts with a willingness to lock your man down and not rely on the help behind you play after play.  Plus, this has been a problem all season.

Now I’m not saying the Cavs can’t turn it on when Indiana rolls in to Cleveland for game 1.  It’s always hard to bet against Lebron.   His confidence in his ability and the guys around him is always comforting and it’s hard to dispute his domination over the Eastern Conference.   Right now though this team doesn’t seem mentally tough enough to be holding the Larry O’Brien trophy when it’s all said and done.  I hope I’m wrong.  Go Cavs!