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Jason Collins Is Jackie Robinson For The Gay Community

Professional basketball player Jason Collins announced, in Sports Illustrated, that he is gay. His decision to come out makes him the first active professional athlete to do so. While I realize it’s a major step forward for the gay community, I also believe it’s a shame that this is even an issue and is such a major event in our society.
Over the weekend I took my son to go see the film “42” which is about Jackie Robinson and the breaking of the color barrier in professional baseball. My son, who is fourteen, was shocked at how ignorant and unaccepting so many of the players were during that era. It was wonderful to talk to him afterwards and hear his thoughts on racial hatred and how fear of the unknown drives so many to turn against an individual or entire race. Hearing the news of Jason Collins’ announcement I couldn’t help but think of Jackie Robinson and how he helped to shape the perception of blacks everywhere. Hopefully Collins’ announcement will do the same for the gay community.