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A Fantasy Baseball Trophy Makes All The Difference

Fantasy baseball drafts are rapidly approaching and many leagues are going to decide to play for a trophy.  The guys of “Stealing Signals” of Chicago are one such league.  Mike, the commissioner of the league, reached out to me and had a few questions regarding the Armchair Ace.   He admitted that his call was really just to pacify other league members who were on the fence over playing for a trophy.  Mike also informed me that he’s in a fantasy football league that plays for The Throwback so he understands what a trophy can do for a league.  I have no doubt that they’re going to experience the same excitement once the Armchair Ace shows up and represents their league for years to come.    As Mike said, “It all boils down to getting your name on the trophy.  The money is just gravy.”  Good luck Mike.  I’m pulling for you. – Dave

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Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk with his four fantasy baseball championship trophies
Today I was able to meet and thank someone who has really helped in the evolution of The thing is, Gary Vaynerchuk had no way of knowing just how influential he’s been in developing my business. How could he? He’s been busy writing two best selling books called “Crush It” and “The Thank You Economy” along with running his social media consulting company, Vaynermedia, while also doing speaking engagements all over the globe. I guess I’ll give him a pass this time on not seeing the progress of and keeping up with it’s rapid rise in the incredibly competitive world of fantasy sports trophies.
All kidding aside, it felt great to hand deliver Armchair Ace trophies to Gary at Vaynermedia in Midtown Manhattan and to say thanks for helping to explain how someone
AJ Vaynerchuk with the Shifrin Trophy
can take a hobby or a passion of theirs and turn it into a money making career.

Thanks again Gary and good luck winning that Shifrin Trophy back! I have a feeling your brother AJ won’t be giving it up without a strong fight.


Check out the video Gary shot of me with his brother AJ holding the Shifrin Trophy.