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Jordan Spieth Makes It So Easy

I don’t think there is an athlete in the world today that is easier to root for than Jordan Spieth.  Not just in golf, but I mean any athlete in any sport.   Sure he’s incredibly gifted and  came one stroke away from being in a 4 hole playoff with a chance to win the British Open and keep his hopes of a Grand Slam alive. But that’s not why I make such a statement.  It’s how he handles himself and stays true to his upbringing.  Spieth remained in the states the week prior to the British Open and played in the John Deere Classic because he said they gave him a chance when he turned pro.  He said he felt an obligation to show his thanks.  How many athletes do such a thing?  Not to mention when they’re on the cusp of history as Spieth was.  Oh, did I mention he then went out and won the tournament?  The real icing on the cake for me though came in his defeat at the British Open.  Spieth could easily have done a quick interview, showered, and stayed inside the clubhouse before jumping on a jet and heading back to the states.  That’s not Jordan Spieth though.  There he was, with his caddy, watching the ending of the Open just like the thousands of fans at St. Andrews.  He then was one of the first to congratulate Zach Johnson as he came off the 18th after just winning the Open.  Total class on his part and something you rarely see.

In this age of “look at me athletes” and the constant onslaught of negative press surrounding so many involved in athletics today, it’s nice to see a guy doing it the right way-  with dignity and class.

mulligan golf trophy

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Golf Gift- The Mulligan Trophy is the Perfect Present for Dad

A golf gift dad will remember

The perfect golf gift for dad. That is what people keep telling me the new Mulligan golf trophy can be. I gotta say, now that it’s completed and almost up on the site, I see what they’re talking about. I speak from experience. My father-in-law is a huge golfer and each year my wife and I get him a gift for his birthday or Christmas that has some kind of golf theme to it. Everything from boring collared golf shirts to typical personalized golf balls have been given. This year though I sense it’s going to be different. This year the Mulligan trophy is going to be that golf gift that Dad remembers and doesn’t burry in his closet. Now we just need to think about what I should engrave on the plate.
Any suggestions?

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My Parents Approve of the New Golf Trophy

My parents paid a visit yesterday and got to see the new Mulligan golf trophy. It was in their Cleveland garage back in 1993 or so that FantasyTrophies was born. I first started sculpting the Armchair Quarterback there while going to art school and then moved on to doing the Armchair Ace and Armchair Big Man. I bet they never dreamed that I would’ve been able to turn that first trophy into a business that I now run out of Brooklyn, NY.
Both gave their approval of The Mulligan.