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Custom Fantasy Football Trophy Like No Other

I don’t take on many custom trophy request but this particular one caught my interest.  I was asked to sculpt a trophy with the likeness of a league commissioner’s late Grandfather.  He also wondered if I could have him holding a giant cigar in one hand and have a few coins in the other.  After receiving a few photo references I got to work.  The beauty of doing some of these custom trophies is the customer usually wants one of my existing designs altered a bit to fit their desired idea.  This trophy was no different.  He loved the Armchair Quarterback and asked if I could add the new features to the existing sculpture.  No problem, I said.   Magi-Sculpt is the perfect material to use for a project like this because it gives me a decent amount of sculpting time and it dries as hard as a rock.  It also takes paint extremely well and allows me to finish the trophy with the same bronze coating I use for all of my designs.

After grinding off the parts of the original Armchair Quarterback that were no longer needed, it was time to work on the new face, shirt, hands, and pants.  Each custom trophy I do has it’s own set of challenges but this one was particularly unique because I had to capture  a likeness of someone on a very small scale.  Overall I was really pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to hear from the commissioner and the guys in his league.

Thanks for your interest.



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Making a Fantasy Football Trophy

Over the years I’ve gotten quite a few questions regarding how I decided to make my first fantasy football trophy.  It was back in 1993 and I was going to art school at the time.  Even though I was a painting major I was required to take my fair share of sculpture classes.  My favorite was life sculpture which was a 3 hours class that met twice a week.  It was there that I decided I would take some of the clay we were given and use about a third of it to sculpt a fantasy football trophy.  You see, I had won my league in it’s inaugural season in 1991 and I knew I needed to make a trophy that would represent our league for years to come.  We were playing for a cash prize at the time but a trophy would make winning the league that much more exciting and the champ would have ultimate bragging rights.  After all, I feel that is really what fantasy football is all about.  The cash is nice but it’s gone in a matter of weeks and then your championship is more or less forgotten.  A trophy though would keep a history of the league.  Each champ would have his name engraved on a plate along with the team name and year and thus remembered forever.

It took me a few weeks to finally finish the sculpture of the Armchair Quarterback and then it moved on to the mold making stage.  The initial trophy was plaster so the mold was a throw away mold made out of a softer plaster that would get chipped away.   After I gave the trophy a bronze finish I built a base out of wood and had plates engraved for the first few years.  I unveiled the trophy at our fantasy football draft and my buddies went nuts.

Our league is finishing up it’s 26th season and 7 of the original 10 guys are still trying to desperately win it all.   Now we have 14 teams and the competition and desire to win our “Fedele Trophy” has never been so intense.  Even though a few team owners have changed over the years, one thing  will always remain the same –the desire to win THE TROPHY!

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It’s been a crazy few months filling fantasy football trophy orders so I haven’t really been disciplined when it comes to the blog.  I apologize.  However, I’m going to be rolling out a few things in the next few weeks and trying to catch up on some of the news that occurred over these past weeks.  Here is one thing that happened.  I was featured in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  Thank you  Paula Katinas for writing a nice little article on  Check it out here:

Meet The Sunset Park Sculptor Who Creates Fantasy Football Trophies 

Me with trophies 2 edit

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A Fantasy Football Trophy Sculpted for the Police

fantasy football trophy for policeIt’s been a long time coming but the Armchair Policeman is just about ready to join the ranks of the other fantasy football trophies on   I finished the sculpting phase of the trophy some time ago but it’s been a longer process getting it up on the site. is going to be relaunched soon with an entirely different look and feel and I figured that would be the ideal time to roll out the new trophy that was designed specifically for police officers.   As some of you already know from a previous post, I had the great pleasure of working with a few individuals from the NYPD in coming up with the design.  They had some key features that they felt had to be incorporated when I started sculpting.  I was surprised a donut was one of them.  The burly mustache and aviator glasses I must say were a nice touch and I took it upon myself to add the shoulder holster.  A special shout out goes to Fish from “Barney Miller” for that one.  Add a night stick and handcuffs on the floor and you have one fantasy football trophy that will no doubt turn some heads.  So if you’re a policeman looking for a trophy to represent your precinct’s fantasy football league this year, shoot me an email and I’ll make it happen.  – Dave



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Fantasy Trophies Is On Instagram

Being better connected with fans of is always something I’m interested in improving.  Facebook and Twitter have been my go to platforms in trying to do just that. However, lately I’ve been stepping up my game on Instagram and I really like the results.  It allows me to post what I’m doing around the shop or drawings I do on my commute on the NYC subway.  Being an artist I’m always drawn to the visual side of things and Instagram definitely allows me to better communicate with my fans and customers through photos.  So if you haven’t already checked it out, my account is @FantasyTrophies.  Hope to see you there.  -DaveScreen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.56.53 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.57.10 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.57.27 AM








Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.01.06 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.58.26 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.58.06 AM

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The Armchair Quarterback Fireman Fantasy Football Trophy is Live!

The ultimate fantasy football trophy for  fireman is finally on the site and ready to represent your firehouse.  Yes, the Armchair Quarterback Fireman is now LIVE on  What’s unique about this trophy is that you can add a customized helmet by clicking on the “plates” button on the homepage and putting your firehouse number.  I then sculpt it on the helmet before bronze finishing the trophy.  Pretty awesome!

firefighters trophy
Dan and Brian of Engine 80/Ladder 23 in the Bronx show off the first ever Armchair Fireman


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Police Visit the Shop to See Fantasy Football Trophy

police fantasy football trophy
Me, Ali, Snaps (with photo), Mike, Joe, Joe, and Johnny (kneeling) during our “brainstorming session.”

A fantasy football trophy specifically designed  for the police is what brought 6 cops from the New York City Police Department to Fantasy Trophies yesterday.  The last time we had that many police was when a guy crashed his motorcycle up the block and then fled on foot before being pepper sprayed, tackled and restrained by what seemed like half the department right outside our doors.   That was quite a memorable day at, but I digress.  Yesterday was a bit more mellow as Ali, Mike (Snaps), Johnny, Joe, Mike, and Joe all took time on their day off to come by and see the progress I’ve made on the NEW fantasy football trophy, the Armchair Quarterback Policeman.   As you may have read in a previous post, the idea to create such a trophy grew out of an email I received from Ali a few months ago.  He was wondering if I could sculpt a trophy for his own fantasy football league that he and 11 other members of the NYPD were in.  Of course Ali is the reigning champ so he really wants the trophy ASAP.  At the time I wasn’t able to do it but, after sculpting a similar trophy for firemen, I realized that a trophy for the police had to be next on my agenda.

In email exchanges with Ali over the past couple weeks we came up with some really great ideas. His and my enthusiasm for the project led to having some of the guys from his league swing by the shop to take a sneak peak and “brainstorm” over what else could be added to the trophy.  After BS-ing a bit about how I’ve been involved in fantasy football since 1990 and how the original trophy came to be, it was time to go inside and take a look.   The guys were definitely pleased with what they saw  and my mind was put at ease when they all laughed at the sculpted donut that was resting on the arm of the recliner.  A touch they all appreciated since their league is call the “Dunkin Donuts Lounge.”  All of them also really liked the 1970’s  mustache he was sporting and aviator glasses he had on.  After discussing a few design options we all came to the same conclusion.  The new sculpture would have a gun secured in a shoulder holster that would subtly peak out above the rim of his belly.  It would also have an old school police baton that would rest  on one side of the recliner with a set of handcuffs on the other and a few randomly placed bullets and crushed cans.   I gotta say, getting feedback and input directly from cops in the NYPD regarding a fantasy football trophy I’m sculpting for them is something I NEVER thought I’d be a part of when I  sculpted my first trophy nearly 20 years ago in my parent’s garage back in Cleveland, Ohio.  The journey  and  relationship with fantasy sports I’ve had has taken me on some pretty interesting paths.  This one with the new police trophy I feel though is just beginning.  Stay tuned to the trophy’s progress.

Here is your own little sneak peak at the trophy in it’s development.  If you have any questions contact me at Dave at

police fantasy football trophy
The classic 1970’s police mustache and shades on the new fantasy football trophy for the police
The sculpted revolver that will be added to the police trophy.


police fantasy football trophy
The NYPD pay a visit to the shop to see the new fantasy football trophy for the police




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My Parents Approve of the New Golf Trophy

My parents paid a visit yesterday and got to see the new Mulligan golf trophy. It was in their Cleveland garage back in 1993 or so that FantasyTrophies was born. I first started sculpting the Armchair Quarterback there while going to art school and then moved on to doing the Armchair Ace and Armchair Big Man. I bet they never dreamed that I would’ve been able to turn that first trophy into a business that I now run out of Brooklyn, NY.
Both gave their approval of The Mulligan.

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Fantasy Football Season is Right Around the Corner

It’s been pretty hectic at lately. Mainly because I recently decided to take part in the Fantasy Football Fest in Atlantic City. Even though it’s not until August 18th and 19th, I’ve had to start building the backdrop for my booth along with putting together some material to handout. Make sure if you’re planning on going you stop by and say hello.
This is also the time of year though that I really try to build up some inventory for the start of the fantasy football season. I’m trying my best to have trophies ready to go so that when your league needs their trophy ASAP I’ll have it packaged up and out my doors within a few days. That’s the plan. Now back to work so that I can make that happen. – Dave