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Making a Mold for the Police Fantasy Football Trophy

Exciting times here at the shop as the Armchair Quarterback Policeman, fantasy football trophy, moves onto the mold making stage.  The sculpting process is completed and now a silicone mold is made so that multiple casts can be taken.  The first step, which you see in the photo below, is a brush on coat of silicone.  The brush on coat is to insure that no air bubbles form in the silicone that will come in direct contact with the sculpture. An air bubble would transfer to the mold and thus the final cast resulting in less detail.   Something that just wouldn’t be acceptable here at 

silicone mold
The brush on coat of silicone is applied
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Fantasy Football Trophy Season Starts Now

A new mold for the Throwback fantasy football trophy
The NFL season might be months away and rookie camps are just beginning, but fantasy football trophy season is just getting started at This is the time of year that I pour new molds for all of the football trophies and start casting for that mad rush in the fall. It never fails that I’ll get a panicked commissioner calling or emailing me a week before his draft saying that he desperately needs a trophy. All of my past customers know that I do my absolute best to make this happen but sometimes it’s just not possible. I definitely feel like I’m letting these few guys down. That’s why this year I’m starting earlier than ever building inventory so that when those orders or calls come in I’ll be prepared. Hopefully they won’t have 20 years of past champions to engrave though. – Dave
Fantasy football champion