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Ultimate Golf Trophy Moves Onto The Mold Making Stage

The Mulligan golf trophy gets its first coat of rubber

The golf trophy I’ve been sculpting for the past few months, the Mulligan Trophy, has finally moved onto the mold making stage. I gotta say, I’m extremely excited for this trophy to get up on the site ( so that golf fanatics everywhere can have an opportunity to play for the most unique golf trophy on the market today. Hopefully I’ll have my first cast by this friday and I can then send photos off to my web guy. I’m pushing to have it up on the site within 3 weeks. Thanks for your patience. – Dave

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A Fantasy Football Prodigy?

Zachary L. could be the youngest fantasy football champion in the history of the sport. This five year old won his uncle’s league, The Big Sky Moonlighter’s League, and captured the coveted Throwback Mini trophy you see here. Even better is that he did it in the league’s inaugural season. Bragging rights are clearly his and I’m sure his league is in for some serious trash talking from young Zachary for years to come.

Great job Zachary!

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Win a FREE Fantasy Football Trophy

There IS a fantasy football trophy in this photo
My buddy Ed over at and I teamed up to run a contest that offers a FREE Armchair Quarterback Mini trophy. The league that sends Ed the best photo of their league with one of his draft boards will take home the prize. Just to be clear– it’s the trophy, not the girl.

Sorry, – Dave

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The Shiva Fantasy Football Trophy

Since the TV show, “The League” has been on air and gained incredible popularity I can’t help but wonder if the increase in sales I’ve seen is in some way related to the “Shiva Trophy.” If you’re not familiar with the television show it’s about a group of fantasy football fanatics who eat, drink, and sleep fantasy football. They play for a trophy called “The Shiva” which is named after a girl the characters liked in high school. The trophy even has a photograph of her as part of the overall design.

Fantasy Trophy
A league playing for one of my fantasy football trophies

I gotta say, the show is a bit corny for me and I never really got into watching it. However, I definitely want to thank the writers for including the idea of playing for a fantasy football trophy. It no doubt has helped to plant a seed in the head’s of commissioners all over the country that playing for more than just cash is the way to go.

Maybe I’ll have to give the show another shot as a show of gratitude.

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Which Fantasy Football Trophy Should I Buy?

Armchair Quarterback- fantasy football trophy

As the fantasy football season approaches I inevitably receive a few emails asking me for my opinion on which trophy I’d recommend for their league. As many of you know, my league has been playing for the Armchair Quarterback for nearly 20 years but it’s primarily because it was the very first trophy I sculpted. It has history on it’s side. However, I can obviously see the allure of the Throwback. The only real advice I give leagues on what trophy they should go with is this-

If you’re in a league where guys are scattered all over the country and you’ll be shipping it every year- I’d go with the Armchair Quarterback. It’s just less likely to break in transport. The Throwback has been known to occasionally break if it’s not packaged correctly and even sometimes when it is. And let’s face it- do you really trust that one buddy of yours to package it correctly?

If the Throwback does break it ends up costing you $275 for just the sculpture top. The Armchair Quarterback can still chip or break but it rarely does if packaged the right way. It just has less fragile parts.

Either way you’re clearly getting what I believe is the greatest fantasy football trophies in the world today but choose wisely. After all, soon your trophy will have it’s own history and hopefully it won’t include how your drunk friend thought his crumpled up sports page would be sufficient enough to wrap it in for its cross country journey.

The Throwback-fantasy football trophy

Good luck this season,


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Fantasy Football Season is Right Around the Corner

It’s been pretty hectic at lately. Mainly because I recently decided to take part in the Fantasy Football Fest in Atlantic City. Even though it’s not until August 18th and 19th, I’ve had to start building the backdrop for my booth along with putting together some material to handout. Make sure if you’re planning on going you stop by and say hello.
This is also the time of year though that I really try to build up some inventory for the start of the fantasy football season. I’m trying my best to have trophies ready to go so that when your league needs their trophy ASAP I’ll have it packaged up and out my doors within a few days. That’s the plan. Now back to work so that I can make that happen. – Dave

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ESPN Wants to See Your Fantasy Football Trophy

Get your fantasy football trophy in ESPN The Magazine? Who knows, it just might happen. Yesterday they tweeted that they’re wanting leagues to send in photos of the fantasy football trophy they play for. Get’em in guys. The email address to send them to is

Maybe your league will be represented in the pages of the magazine come fall!

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Keep Lebron With Barkley Than Jordan

Everyone that visits my blog soon realizes that I’m a diehard Cleveland fan. So when Lebron won his third MVP title the other day I had a few guys make sure I knew about it by leaving a comment on the Facebook page or by sending me an email. A few did it with more of a jab to the gut than a nice little tap on the shoulder I might say.
Anyway, my feeling on the award going to Lebron is that he truly deserved it. He still remains the best player in the world during the regular season. Sorry Kobe and Durant fans, but Lebron has a better all around game than either one of them. However, before people start grouping him with the likes of Russell, Jordan, Wilt, Bird and Magic, I think I’ll keep him with Barkley, Stockton, Malone, Reggie Miller, and George Gervin. Guys that had great careers but never won a title. Individual awards and recognition are great, but until Lebron gets the monkey off his back he still will remain the greatest athlete ever to not have a ring. Somewhere Dan Marino is smiling. And I must say, so am I.

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Cheap Trophies for Fantasy Football

It happens all the time. I go on Twitter and see a guy post something about his league receiving his fantasy football trophy. It’s almost always accompanied by a twitpic or some instagram photo, so I can’t help but see if it’s one of my hand made trophies. After all, the excitement in the tweet is obvious and I’m confident that a trophy of mine would produce such a response. But when I click on the link I’m blown away by the piece of CRAP the guy is bragging about. It’s literally a pee-wee football trophy with some lame plaque on the front that says “fantasy football championship trophy.” If you don’t believe me, go to Twitter and search “fantasy football trophy”. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see one.
I guess what amazes me the most is that after spending hundreds of hours a season researching what players to draft, start, and trade– leagues then decide that they’ll have some cheap, lame trophy represent their fantasy football league. It really makes no sense to me.
The first trophy I sculpted, The Armchair Quarterback, was because I wanted something that truly represented fantasy football and the insane amount of time I was dedicating (my wife says wasting) to it. No pee-wee trophy or golden Lombardi knockoff was going to cut it.
So please guys, I beg of you– before you make that fatal mistake of so many other leagues out there, think for one second and realize your league deserves more. It deserves the best. Don’t those endless hours you obsess over fantasy football mean more to you than that “trophy” you can buy for $69.99?

And don’t even get me going on the fact they’re made in China.


A true fantasy football trophy