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Thank you Mike Holmgren

Good to be a Browns fan today
Good to be a Browns fan today
As a diehard Browns fan I’d like to say thank you Mike Holmgren.
Time will tell if his move to keep Eric Mangini as the head coach of the Browns was the right one, but for now it looks like the smart one. Mangini had his hands full this season. No, I’ll take that back and say they were overflowing. Clearly Mangini was wearing more than just the coaching hat this season and it showed in the handling of numerous situations. Most notably the George Kokinis dismissal. Coaches should coach and I believe Holmgren realized he has a good one in Mangini. He has a dedicated, smart football mind who tried like hell to establish a different mindset when it comes to playing in the brown and orange. Mangini laid some nice building blocks this season. They’re called discipline and accountability. Two things that have been desperately missing from the Browns players and organization as a whole.
Like any change, it took time. The players no doubt fought Mangini at first and some were pretty outspoken during the season. Jamal Lewis to name one. However, once the lessons starting sinking in, the leaders of the team began buying into the coach’s philosophy and good things started happening. Granted it took 12 weeks of growing pains, but it still happened. Now Holmgren gives his vote of confidence to Mangini and the two can move forward. Best of all the Browns don’t have to start from scratch yet again. It’s a good day to be a Browns fan.