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Thanks for the 2010 fantasy football season

Fantasy Football Trophy
Looking back at the 2010 fantasy football season, I gotta say that it was a good year at It was a season that started with me introducing two new trophies, the Armchair Quarterback Mini trophy and the Throwback Mini trophy, to diehard fantasy football fans everywhere. Guys had been asking me for years when I was going to come out with a smaller version of the two larger trophies and 2010 was finally the year that I was able to come through for them. It was great to hear and see the reaction of both old and new customers when they finally saw both trophies. They’ve been a great success.
It was also a season that saw me at the SiriusXM fantasy football draft at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square where the Throwback trophy was front and center while the draft was being broadcast live on SiriusXM. Seeing Maurice Jones-Drew, Gary Del’Abate of the Howard Stern Show, Jeremy Ronick and Steve Phillips, to name a few, with the trophy was pretty damn cool. The photos that followed the next day of the event were just as incredible. Maybe even more so when you think of the reach they had online. It was a good start to the season.
The USA Today also contacted me once again and ran a year long contest with the Armchair Quarterback fantasy football trophy as the grand prize (well, that and cash). They also decided to have the Armchair Quarterback Mini trophies as the runner-up prizes. Very cool.
It was also great to see the photos of leagues come in throughout the year for the Wall of Fame Photo Contest. Staying connected with the leagues that play for one of my trophies is one of the best things I experience while running FantasyTrophies.
So as it’s time to put the 2010 season behind me and focus on baseball, hockey and NASCAR- I just wanted to say thanks for a great fantasy football season and please stay in touch. -DM

Note: The Wall of Fame Photo Contest ends March 31, 2011- get them in to

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