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The Browns are a JOKE

My once proud Browns have now become that team referred to as the “laughing stock” of the NFL. They’re a complete and utter joke with no leadership or true talent at any skilled position. (Except maybe Joe Thomas and Josh Cribbs) I don’t know what happened. GM George Kokinis got canned last week and it seems to be the final straw in the minds and hearts of Browns fans everywhere. Fans that deserve better I might add. Browns fans have been through it all- The Fumble, Red Right 88, The Drive, the franchise leaving town and the Steelers 6 Super Bowl championships. This season leaves a feeling in my gut that rivals all of those horrible moments.
Eric Mangini better have some real answers in the second half of the season and show some improvement or his ass will be show the door too. I must say, I bought into what Mangini was selling when he got hired. I truly believe the best teams in the NFL start with a culture for winning and draft smart players that live and breathe football. Players that are team guys that put egos aside and just go out and play their position to the best of their ability. However, TALENT seems to be a very key missing ingredient andimages-1 Mangini is very quickly losing my confidence in his ability to find and coach players with that elusive factor. Something has to be done and fast. I, like so many other fans, feel like the days of Minnifield and Dixon will never be seen again. That the Dawg Pound has lost it’s bite forever and instead has been replaced with a bunch of dogs getting their noses rubbed in the mess the current regime calls a football team. It’s humiliating to say the least.