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The Cavs and Rasheed Wallace

Slam magazine is reporting that the Cavaliers are seriously considering going after Detroit free agent  forward Rasheed Wallace.  As a Cavs fan it’s tough to imagine a Detroit player who I’ve come to truly hate in the wine and gold, but Wallace could be a nice fit.  Wallace can no doubt keep a defense honest with his 3 pt range and variety of moves with his back to the basket.  Adding another threat that can help to open the floor for Lebron is always a good thing. Also, on a team like the Cavs he wouldn’t be called upon to play significant minutes.  Especially if the Cavs resign Anderson Varejao and Big Z.  The biggest question with Wallace has always been his temperament and attitude.  Technical fouls have always followed him and thinking they’d suddenly end in Cleveland is wishful thinking.  You have to take the entire package if you make this deal.

A  plus though is that he’s  a veteran player that is familiar with the Eastern Conference and knows how to play defensive basketball.  This could be a good fit that makes a lot of sense for both parties.  Now we all know that Lebron would have to give the ultimate go-ahead, but I guess I’d be able to put my past grievances aside and give the guy a chance if he’s knocking down shots the way he did for the Pistons.  Get him in here Danny Ferry and hope he’s another piece of that illusive puzzle the Cavs are trying to finish that will ultimately spell CHAMPIONSHIP.-DM Hand-made trophies worth bragging about Hand-made trophies worth bragging about