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Golf Tournament Trophy- The Perfect Fit

The ultimate award for your next golf tournament- The Mulligan Trophy.

One of the reasons I decided to sculpt The Mulligan trophy is because I wanted to create a golf award that could represent golf tournaments and outings everywhere. I’ve been a part of golf functions that had all kinds of prizes for things like closest to the hole and longest drive, but very few had a cool trophy that represented the overall competition. I thought it would be great if golf competitions had a trophy that would have the names of past winners forever engraved on it and be not only an award for the current champ(s) but act as a record of prior years. I wanted to stay true though to what is all about and sculpt a trophy that embodied the common man and his thirst for greatness. Thus The Mulligan trophy was born. As you can see, not even a few extra pounds are going to hold this guy back as he grips and rips. And with his favorite tasty beverage nearby, he no doubt is nice and “hydrated” as he makes the turn on the back nine.
So as The Mulligan makes its way from a sculpted lump of clay onto the mold making stage, make sure you tell the powers that be that a new golf award is about ready to hit the market and should be representing your next tournament.

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