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This 2013 NFL Draft Is Horrible

The NFL Draft is only a few days away and my excitement level, I gotta say, hasn’t even reached luke warm. As a Browns fan, that is almost sacrilege to say. Sorry ESPN but rolling out Mel Kiper and Todd McShay 24/7 still won’t change the fact that this draft is shaping up to be the most boring in recent memory. Let’s start with the fact that an offensive tackle will probably be picked #1 by the Chiefs and they can’t decide which offensive tackle it will be. It only gets worse from there. After the first offensive tackle is off the board a run on “project” pass rushers is going to take place with a few more offensive tackles sprinkled in for good measure. Hell, the biggest question in this year’s draft is where a highly overrated QB will land. (just take your pick of QBs. It really doesn’t matter because they’re all overrated) There is even talk that not a single running back will be taken in the first round. I guess that means a bunch of guards and centers will take their place. Now don’t get me wrong, I realize all these positions are needed when forming a team and this draft may be deep overall. I’m sure my true distaste is the fact that my Browns need instant impact type of players and I’m just not sure if I see one at #6. There…I admitted the truth!

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