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Top Running Backs 2009-what?

As I began to study the players for the upcoming football season I realized one name is missing near the top of every board.  LT, LaDainian Tomlinson, is no longer a top rated back.  The names Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner, DeAngelo Williams, Matt Forte, Brian Westbrook and Chris Johnson are all imageslisted above him.  If ever there was a player that you could ride to a title it was LT.  I know, I was fortunate enough to get him in the 2007 season and I rode him like Calvin Borel on Mine That Bird.  Even though it was considered a “down year” by LT standards, I still reaped the rewards LT would sow week after week.  He was a true stud when it mattered.  Consistency is the name of the game most weeks in fantasy and LT always delivered.  You could chalk up 100 yds. rushing, 50+ rec., and at least 1 TD week after week and then just hope the rest of your  team wouldn’t blow it for you.   So to look at the boards this season and not see THE MAN who helped lead me to a title is both shocking and sad.  I guess age catches up to all of us.  Well, thanks for the ride LT and the title you helped deliver.  I’ll still try and grab you around the middle to end of rd 1. One thing I’ll definitely do is tip my mug in honor of a true fantasy legend and hope you have just enough gas in the tank for one more LT type season.-DM

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