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Vegas, the FSTA and

Recently I got back from the FSTA’s (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) winter conference which was held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was my 5th time attending the event and each time it seems like receives a little bit more credibility in the fantasy sports market. The conference is really an opportunity for businesses in the fantasy sports industry to rub elbows and make connections with one another. I’m no different. I was there primarily to showcase my line of hand-sculpted fantasy trophies and to introduce my newest trophy for diehard hockey fanatics, the Armchair Goon. It was great to see the response that the Goon received, especially from the hockey sites on hand. I was also able to present Charlie Wiegert and Ron Wolf, this years football champions of the ” 2010 Expert Leagues”, with their own Armchair Quarterback Mini trophies along with handing out an Armchair Ace Mini (coming soon to the website) to last years baseball champ, Ron Shandler. What made that unique though was the opportunity to have the fantasy baseball trophy presentation carried live on SiriusXM radio. This years “Experts Baseball Draft” was carried live on SiriusXM and Ron received his fantasy trophy about midway through the draft. Pretty cool.