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Vote Manny an All-Star

Manny Ramirez is currently 4th in the NL voting for starting outfielders in the  MLB All-Star game and  I, for one, hope the fans keep it up an actually get this guy in the line-up.  The All-Star game is a complete joke that Bud Selig has tried to turn into his version of the NBA All-Star game.  Getting Manny in would be a great statement to just how ridiculous the game has become. The NBA treats it’s All-Star game for what it is- a nothing game with no defense and an excuse for guys to play street ball indoors. A game with nothing on the line but a wafer thin sliver of pride.  Baseball, on the other hand, has put home field advantage  in the World Series up for grabs and  decided that the way to get people to watch the game is to put more  of an emphasis on winning.  Absolute nonsense!  Fans, for years,  would continually vote in the same guys  even if they didn’t deserve it (insert Cal Ripken) and many players used every excuse they could to try and get out of it.  Hey Bud, here is an idea.  Have players, coaches, and writers vote for the All-Stars and award the guys who truly deserve the prestige. Then  guys will start showing  up again and may even play hard.  Knowing that will never be done, I guess all I can do is hope Manny gets in the game and wins the MVP so that Bud would have to give him the award.  Now that would drive up ratings.