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When did Sam Bradford become Peyton Manning?

images-11Sam Bradford is NOT Peyton Manning. Meaning- you don’t trade away the rest of your draft to move up to grab him at #1.
Browns new President Mike Holmgren and GM Tom Heckert recently held a press conference where they admitted they talked with the St. Louis Rams about the #1 slot. My feeling is they’re not the only ones. I’m sure plenty of teams have picked up the phone to hear what the Rams would be willing to take for that position. The gap between talking and actually trading however is as big as the Grand Canyon. Especially when you’re dealing with the first pick in the draft.
Now I’ll admit that I haven’t seen a ton of Bradford’s games. Unlike the “experts” who always seem to fall from the sky during this time of year just because they have a blog or a website, I’ll just say that he doesn’t strike me as the next Manning, Aikman, or even Carson Palmer. I’ll trust Holmgren though when he says the guy is a “special player.” However, using the word “special” to describe an NFL quarterback doesn’t exactly make me want to run out and get a dog just to name him Bradford. Let alone trade away the majority of the picks accumulated from last years draft for him.
I guess what I’m saying is relax Browns fans and get used to hearing Holmgren speak his mind. While it’s refreshing to finally have a guy who says what he thinks, it will also make for plenty of headlines and talk on national outlets.
Now get back to hoping Berry falls to them at #7 -DM