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Who cares. Yanks win another title.

I’m sorry, but I’m one of these baseball “fans” that just doesn’t get in to the Yankees dynasty talk and their 27 titles. The Yankees payroll was over $200 million and dwarfs that of most teams that hovered around $80,000. Yes, it’s true that many of the owners of teams, like my beloved Indians, could spend more money since so many are multi millionaires, if not billionaires. However, these guys are also businessmen who are out to make a buck and are not interested in the business of losing money. I just don’t see why people would be interested or financially invested in a sport that really only caters to the high rollers of the league. Now occasionally a team like the Rays or Marlins will come along and make it to the World Series because all the stars align and their young talent hits on all cylinders. But those teams are few and far between and unfortunately many of their players will end up on different teams in the following years. The Indians felt they needed to trade back to back Cy Young award winners because they knew they couldn’t compete with the Yanks, Red Sox, Mets, or Dodgers in the off season when they would all come knocking on C.C. and Cliff Lee’s door. So now Indians fans will have to suffer through another 3-5 years of poor baseball as their young players learn the hard way and come up through the minors. It’s a complete joke.
I only wish fans of the mid market cities would all go on strike and stop going to games until something is done to make the league competitively balanced. Then we’d see how much of a dynasty the Yankees actually are. Level the playing field and let’s see what happens.
Just one guys dream–that all.