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Wives Are Not Big Fans of My Fantasy Football Trophies

When it comes to my fantasy football trophies I know one thing to be certain: wives do not like them. So if you’re married be forewarned. When I sculpted The Armchair Quarterback way back in 1993 I knew it had to be large and proud. It had to be a trophy that would demand respect and make a statement. Both were achieved. Years later when I introduced The Throwback my criteria remained the same. Wives though just don’t see them the same way. I believe the words “ridiculous” and “monstrous” have been uttered on more than one occasion. I had one friend’s wife even tell me that she hoped her husband wouldn’t win his league because she knew it meant he would proudly display the Armchair Quarterback in their family room for the entire year. Such a shame.

Wives are not my biggest fans
Wives are not my biggest fans

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