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Fantasy men everywhere be forewarned. As we struggle to put together our line-ups and agonize over whether starting a goal line specialist is a wise move, our “loved ones” are finding strength in numbers. The women at have given a platform for our wives, girlfriends and female counterparts to speak out against what we know is hard and strenuous work. I wouldn’t expect my wife to understand the endless hours and months of preparation it takes to be prepared for my football draft. She may never even accept the notion that my league’s golf outing is part of “clearing one’s mind” in order to be more focused on the next days festivities. Or how a fantasy league barbecue is really necessary in the overall scheme of things. Regardless, I never figured she would find other women who seem to share her same view. Check ’em out:

No really, check 'em out!
No really guys, check 'em out

And men, as a final warning, be prepared when your “loved one” starts wearing the panties underwear they offer on their site! As you can see, they take direct aim at what should be considered sacred. I mean, come on! Doesn’t my wife know that I am watching 12 hours of football every Sunday for the two of us?


this is not funny!