Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophies

You know how much time you put into your league… why not play for a trophy that reflects your hard work and dedication? Our trophies give football leagues an element of quality and craftsmanship that you just can’t find anywhere else. All trophies are 100% handmade in my Brooklyn shop, from the wood base and personalized name plates to the trophy itself.

Satisfaction: In over 20 years, I’ve never had a single customer complain about their trophy. If you don’t love yours, send it back and I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

screen-shot-2015-07-23-at-11-40-38-am“Yours truly received a standing ovation from the league in appreciation for bringing such a wonderful trophy to the table.”
~ Chris N. Commissioner

The Armchair Quarterback

You think you know how to draft? This guy could go kicker in the first round and still beat your ass. A fantasy owner for the ages. He knows that when your cheat sheet runs out he is just getting started. And after his draft day work is done, he’ll sit back, crack a cold one and watch as his labor bears the fruit of a championship once again. If you think you’re worthy enough of such an honor as he represents then play for the one that started it all.


“We bought the Armchair Quarterback trophy and it now defines our league!”
~ Matt Anzells, Aurora, OH


The Throwback

He’ll give you five yards and a cloud of dust, but would prefer sausage and peppers with a 6 pack. Screw the endorsements and signing bonuses, this guy remembers the days when grass meant dirt and a clean uniform was proof that you had no heart. With his leather helmet, neck-roll and goal line specialist physique, this fantasy trophy will no doubt make you proud to hoist it high when your team tastes glory.


“Dave, The Throwback trophy is freaking KICK ASS!!! ~ Rick O. Yuma, AZ


The Ultimate Loser

Ahh, remember draft day? The smiles, the predictions, the trash talk, and the hopes and dreams. Now the season is over and one team stands alone. Why? Because it SUCKED! From the magazines, sports pages and endless hours online, none of it mattered. Immortalized on the last place trophy, you can remember this team for what it was – CRAP. This is one trophy you do not want your name on, but every league should own.


The Police & Firemen Collections

Create envy among your buddies and let everyone know that your fantasy league is the league of all leagues. Several leagues have told us they’ve developed waiting lists of guys wanting to join their league after seeing their trophy.

The Armchair Fireman
The Armchair Cop


“This trophy is awesome! The guys loved it.” ~ Wayne K.


Annual Trophies

Permanent bragging rights for season champ’s. Roughly 1/3 the size of the original trophies.

“Thanks to Larry Johnson catching fire when Priest Holmes went down…Ride My Johnson is now immortalized in fantasy land.” ~ Jim J.