For fourteen years I labored to win our league. We have had our trophy for 12. All I wanted was my name on that trophy. Thanks to Larry Johnson catching fire when Priest Holmes went down…Ride My Johnson is now immortalized in fantasy land. My wife hated that trophy. For a year it was my most prized possession.

Jim Jevnikar

“We bought the ” Armchair Quarterback” trophy and it now defines our league! It made our
league even more competitive because everyone wants to win that baby!”

Matt Anzells, Aurora, OH

This is the best fantasy football trophy on the market bar none. Not only do the team owners in my league love this bad boy, but when I took it in to get the plaques engraved at the local trophy shop they were also in awe. In fact, they said that dozens of their customers commented on this finely-crafted piece of art and joked that they didn’t want to give it back to me! The guys in my league want this more than the league’s prize money! There’s nothing better out there…nothing.

Mike Peck, Peck Fantasy Football League Commissioner

Yours truly received a standing ovation from the league in appreciation for bringing such a wonderful trophy to the table. I have been told numerous times during the season that the real prize isn’t the payout, but the “Armchair Quarterback” trophy. Truly a “win at any cost” mentality has been established for the league not only for this season, but for 2008 and beyond. Keep up the good work Dave with all that you do and thanks again for the professionalism you provided me during my inquires in purchasing this trophy. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve created!

Chris Neils, BIG XII Fantasy Football League Commissioner

This trophy is awesome! The guys loved it. Census was the trophy was the grand prize and the prize money was a nice add on! Best of all, I won our league this year. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a fantastic trophy for their league.

Wayne K.

have had to listen to my fat brother (John Fugarski) brag about how he has won the trophy for the last 12 months. It seems like his pie hole has either been talking smack about the trophy or getting stuffed with a ham sandwhich. By winning my league this year, I finally shut that guy’s oversized mouth. Hey Johnnie – you want something to put in your mouth now? How does this shit burger taste?

Ricky Fugarski


The Throwback trophy is freaking KICK ASS!!! This trophy just legitimizes our league and is now going to be even more competitive because of the fat man.

Our league is getting together on Super Bowl Sunday and the guys have no idea that I’m going to be presenting the trophy to the winner. I’m sure they’ll all be thrilled when they see it.
I want to thank you and everyone at for putting out such awesome products. I looked everywhere online for a trophy and nothing even comes close to this. This ranks up there with the Heisman trophy, Stanley Cup and Olympic gold medals!!!

Thanks again,

Rick O.
Yuma, AZ

Rick O.

That Throwback trophy with the remote control and 6 pack is sheer brilliance.


“When is that thing going to be out of our house?” - my wife, Karlyn


Just got the trophy Dave. Looks sick. Thanks again, Teo


“Trophy envy is a wonderful thing.” - 2 time champion Carol Jorgensen, NH


I love the trophy. Trying to find a spot for it on the mantle but the wifey may have a say in that! Marc, Salt Lake City


My league considered getting a trophy for the last 5 years, but only knew of the typical choices that were out there. It all changed when we ran across your site. We instantly placed our order and haven’t looked back. I can’t say thanks enough for sculpting a true work of art. Stan B., San Jose


Our fantasy football league started 4 years ago. Every year we’ve added something to our end of the season party. Two of our seasons were interrupted by hurricanes Rita and Ike, but the league persevered. This last season we added the Armchair Quarterback trophy and the interest zoomed. This trophy sits proudly on my mantel thanks to teams resting their players in the fourth quarter. Now, everyone wants a shot at the trophy and the competition level has definitely gone to the stratosphere. I can’t wait to repeat. – Bert Black, Moon Doggies FFL Champ


We hold our baseball draft at a local bar in town each year and when I showed up with the trophy for the unveiling all the guys went absolutely nuts. I really just wanted to say thanks for creating such an awesome trophy and for getting it to me so fast. Now I just need to win it!

Pete Mitchell, Commish of the ” Boston Boys Fantasy Baseball League”

Thanks again and let me say that the Throwback is hands down the best fantasy trophy I have seen out there.

Chase, Oxford, MS

Thank you for crafting us the cornerstone of our league’s perennial success for many years to come.

Robert Brannon, Commissioner Hall of Fame Football League